Actionable Tips to Secure Your IoT Devices

 Actionable Tips to Secure Your IoT Devices


We are living in a technological era, and our lives are occupied with IoT and smart devices. One cannot imagine their life without these devices.

There is no denying the fact that smart devices have made our lives much easier as our work is completed effortlessly. For example, controlling your home’s temperature, fitness trackers, smart security systems, and so on are all popular IoT devices.

A more connected home can make your life easier but an increased internet-based convenience comes with the risk of cybercrimes. Simply put, as you welcome the IoT devices into your homes, you are likely to make your home insecure! The cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing because hackers are using innovative ways to hack the devices.

However, data security is something that people take lightly when it comes to securing their IoT devices. People are not aware that hackers can hack their home devices easily. They do not only attack your smartphones but can misuse and control your security cameras and other devices quite easily. Therefore, ensuring that you take effective measures to secure your IoT devices is vital.

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What Is IoT security?

Before we discuss the tips, let us first explain what IoT security is.

Security of the IoT devices means protecting the devices that are connected to the internet from malicious attacks. One can protect the devices by taking measures and monitoring their vulnerabilities.

IoT security is not only about securing your computers or smartphones. IoT devices such as gadgets, appliances, and other machines that need the internet to function need protection. For example, Google Home Voice controller, Doorbell Camera, Smart locks, and so on are famous examples of IoT devices. Since IoT devices offer several benefits to us, our lives are dependent on them. If any of your devices are connected to your internet, then you need to take steps to enhance their security. Otherwise, hackers can control your devices and steal sensitive information leaving you with a grave loss.

Three Tips to Secure Your IoT Devices

The most effective tips to secure your IoT devices are listed below. Use the tips below and improve the security of your home.

Set Up Your Wi-Fi Correctly

This step is of utmost importance because people overlook this and end up losing access to their devices. Your Wi-Fi network is the doorway to your smart home, and you simply don’t want cyber criminals to attack it. If they hack your devices, they can use your information for malicious activities.

Ensure that you always change your router’s default name, which is usually its model. If hackers discover the model, they can easily access your network and hack your devices. So, be creative with its name and avoid giving personal identifiers.

The next step is to be creative with your password. Use a mixture of letters and numbers and set a complex password. You can use a password manager for this reason and create a separate Wi-Fi network for your guests.

If you create a separate Wi-Fi network, then people cannot access your IoT devices. Always ask your internet provider for a secure network. Consider the example of HughesNet. It has a built-in Wi-Fi network so subscribers can easily connect their devices. Moreover, it also uses advanced technology to provide secure and high-speed internet. If you are looking for more reliable internet providers, then visit the page TV and internet packages, and you will find several internet providers. 

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

You should enable two or multi-factor authentication so only authorized people can access the devices. If someone tries to log into your IoT device by entering the password, they will still have to provide identity proof or a pin. This tip can add an extra layer of security, so if a hacker tries to break into your device, the mission will not be successful.

Keep Your Devices Up-To-Date

You should never neglect the notification updates! They are highly important because the developers update the applications to secure the devices. You need to update the firm of the router as well.

Moreover, the updates are rolled to eliminate the bugs and viruses. If you ignore them, your devices will be vulnerable to attacks. Next time you see if the updates are available, do not procrastinate; simply update the devices immediately.

Final Thoughts

You can purchase the most expensive device, but they cannot protect you from cyberattacks! At the end of the day, the security of your devices is in your hands. So, always go a little extra mile to protect your devices from hacks.

You should do your research to understand how your devices are prone to hacks and via what ways you can protect them.

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