Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) in 2022

 Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) in 2022

Whether you’re a veteran on Amazon or a newcomer, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is an essential tool that can help you in more ways than one if done right. Read along as I break down everything you need to know about it.

What is an EBC?

Amazon EBC content was introduced for sellers to offer a more visual centric description for their products instead of unattractive plain text, with the added benefit of increasing their brand’s visibility and conversion rates.

Only shows plain text describing the product with no images and overall a very dull presentation
                                                                          (Without EBC)

                                                                            (With EBC)

This is achieved by the ability to add imagery that is informative and demonstrative, aiding a customer’s purchase decision significantly more than customary product descriptions.

The tool is accessible by only sellers approved and registered on Amazon Brand Registry. Its sister tool, A+ Content, was designed for vendors while EBC stayed exclusive to sellers. The two have been merged into one now and A+ Content is the umbrella term for both sellers and vendors.

A new addition is the A++ Content/ Premium A+ Content feature which allows the integration of Video content directly in to your EBC. This feature, however, is a very exclusive tool and difficult to get your hands on.

Rundown on Amazon EBC, A+ Content, and A++ Content

Sellers used Amazon EBCs to incorporate their product descriptions in a more attention-grabbing way.

Vendors on the other hand, employed the A+ Content tool for retention of customer attention.

Amazon, in July 2019, merged the tools which resulted in the EBC dashboard being discarded and its functions & features being added to the ‘A+ Content manager’ tab.

Amazon introduced another tool aimed at facilitating the already established brands on Amazon with the name of Premium A+ Content or A++ Content.

A++ Content follows the model of an Amazon EBC design with a few more features including the ability to add interactive content & HD videos.

What sets A+ Content & Premium A+ Content apart?

As mentioned before, the purpose stays the same in both these tools. The differences arise in areas of pricing, eligibility, requirements, and additional features.

The former, A+ Content, is a free tool for sellers and vendors alike looking to offer their customers a better experience. Premium A+ Content on the other hand can cost anywhere from $250,000-$500,000 depending on the product, that is if you’re eligible for it.

The Premium A+ Content is a very exclusive tool, primarily for vendors, based on an invite-only system where you have to be invited by other vendors to access the tool before even worrying about the hefty price.

If you do pass both these hurdles, you can then have access to a range of beneficial features with the already mentioned ability to add HD videos and interactive product descriptions.

You are given 7 modules to work with in A++ Content, as compared to the 5 modules afforded to A+ Content users. Moreover, your A++ Content also takes up the whole width of the page while ordinary A+ Content leaves a large portion to be occupied by competing products and other ads which can increase chances of losing a customer.

The end result is a decrease in text-based content in A++ Content and more room for visual content which is considered more successful by both sellers and vendors. A+ Content users can however use this increased capacity for text content to their advantage by describing the product, how it solves customer pain points, and its Unique value proposition in detail.

Is Amazon EBC accessible for all?

The requirement is for sellers or vendors to be approved and registered on Amazon Brand Registry for their product’s corresponding ASIN. If the product is enrolled in one of Amazon’s Seller programs like Amazon Exclusives or Launchpad, it is also eligible for Amazon EBC Content.

I’m eligible, how do I add an Amazon EBC to my listing?

  • Log in to your Seller/Vendor Central Account
  • Find the ‘Advertising’ tab, and select ‘A+ Content Manager’ from the drop-down list

  • Click on ‘Start creating A+ Content’ 

The process here onwards is quite simple yet can be very time consuming. You will be asked to create 5 modules consisting of a combination of infographic, lifestyle, and feature images depending on the Amazon EBC templates that you choose.

You can also survey the work you’ve done so far with the preview function available at all times,  allowing you to toggle between a desktop and a mobile view.

It’s important that you follow Amazon guidelines in the content you use, including text and image sizes, in order to not face rejections from Amazon. Go through the EBC and when you’re satisfied, click on ‘Review and Submit’ and wait for approval.

Approval times vary from 7-14 days, after which you can add the Amazon EBC design to your listings.

Do I have to pay for an Amazon EBC?

As I stated earlier, this tool is completely free for eligible sellers and vendors on Amazon

What you Should or Shouldn’t include in your EBCs?

Should Include:

  • Attractive HD images with text
  • Precise & concise content
  • Maximum Information related to your product and customer problems
  • Use of correct image dimensions and pixels to avoid trouble with Amazon
  • Optimization for desktop & mobile both

Shouldn’t include:

  • No personal contact information or reference 
  • Warranty or Guarantee claims
  • Exagerration of product features for strictly promotional purposes 
  • Watermarks or URLs redirecting to sites on or off Amazon 
  • Pricing of the product or any other time-sensitive content (eg. “offer lasts till”, “2-day shipping” etc.)

Benefits of having an EBC

Driving traffic that converts is something every seller on Amazon desires, and EBCs help you do just that. With highly informative and graphically appealing content, it can provide you a faster ROI on your ad spend with increased conversions.

Moreover, attractive EBC designs can also decrease the chances of a potential customer being hauled away by competing products as EBCs take up a lot of space before sponsored and Amazon recommended products show up.

Another benefit of making your EBCs factually accurate and full of information about your product is that it can ward off negative reviews and returns as the customer knows exactly what they are buying.

In conclusion

The important thing is to keep your plans straight. Have a walkthrough of the different things that you should do to make your product more visible and valuable. Keep an eye on the changes in Amazon in order to stay competitive and relevant. And don’t forget to plan for overhead—all the money you put into developing content will not show returns right away. It’s a long-term investment that pays off tenfold over time.

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