Mushroom Chocolate Recipe

 Mushroom Chocolate Recipe

If you’re looking to get a taste of mushrooms in a delicious treat, you might want to try the mushroom chocolate recipe. But what is mushroom chocolate and is it good for you? We’ll discuss ingredients, processes, effects, and legality. Besides, you can find recipes for other delicious treats too. And while we’re on the subject, we won’t forget about the mushroom! After all, you’re putting a lot of effort into making this delicious treat.


If you want to make a delicious chocolate with mushrooms, you must first prepare the ingredients. First, cut the mushrooms into manageable pieces and grind them into a fine powder. Next, pour the chocolate into a glass bowl. You will need a glass bowl for this purpose. Now, break up the chocolate bar into pieces. Next, pour the melted chocolate into the moulds. After you pour the chocolate, place the moulds in the fridge for 60-120 minutes. To store, wrap them in foil and keep them in the fridge for later use.

You can chill the chocolate in the refrigerator or place it in a pot of ice-cold water to set the mixture. Once the mixture is cool, you can eat it. The effects of mushroom chocolate last for about three hours. Just like with mushrooms, be sure to check the amount of psilocybin and the concentration of chaga before eating it. Then, enjoy your tasty chocolate bar and be sure to observe dosage.


MycoTechnology is using the myceliation process to create chocolates containing no bitter compounds. It then licenses the technology to chocolate makers so that they can produce its MycoSmooth product. The traditional chocolates contain fat, sugar, and vanilla to disguise their bitter flavors. Although these substances are cheap, they also add calories. MycoTechnology’s MycoSmooth chocolate contains no added sugar or fat.

There are different kinds of psilocybin in mushroom chocolates. A low dose of about one gram is enough for a basic experience. A medium-sized dose of around three grams is sufficient for an intense psychedelic experience. However, a high dose of the substance can cause ego death. This dose is only for experienced users. While mushroom chocolates may have multiple health benefits, these benefits are not yet widely known.

The process of making this artisanal treat is not a science. It is not necessary to use a special chocolate machine. A simple bowl can be used. A silicone scraper can help keep the chocolate from burning. A bowl filled with water should be at least an inch deep. A silicone scraper can help you make the chocolate smoother and more evenly distributed. Once the chocolate is melted, you can then weigh the pieces and pour them into an ice cube tray.


If you’ve ever eaten a piece of mushroom chocolate, you’re probably familiar with its hallucinogenic effects. These mushrooms contain psilocybin, a chemical that alters consciousness. This chemical is converted to psilocin in the body after ingestion. After consumption, you can expect to experience a variety of side effects, including anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and distorted perception. In addition, many people claim that magic mushrooms have spiritual benefits and are sacred.

The main difference between shroom chocolate made with psilocybin is that it remains potent even when mixed with a small amount of marijuana. While marijuana is not a psychedelic substance, it can enhance your experience and ease your “coming down.” To avoid adverse effects, however, marijuana flowers are not recommended when consumed with psilocybin chocolate. However, it is generally safe to mix marijuana with psilocybin chocolate if you are a new user.


Despite its widespread use as a psychoactive substance, mushroom chocolate has not been made illegal in all countries. The legal status of these desserts may vary from country to country, depending on their legal status and the nature of the entheogenic mushroom that was used. For example, consuming magic mushrooms may not be legal in some countries, though some dealers sell them as bars. While these bars are often labeled, mushroom chocolate recipes are generally less visible. If you would like to make your own chocolates, the process is easy, and you can take them anywhere you want. Just be sure to watch out that they do not get into the wrong hands, however.

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is modified into psilocin by the body. This substance is responsible for promoting neurotransmitter release and the loop of communication between neurons. The effect of psilocybin is that it is similar to serotonin, a chemical related to feelings of happiness. Chocolate containing psilocybin can stimulate the brain in a way similar to the effects of a car on the highway.

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