How To Increase Your Brand with SaaS Explainer Videos?

The SaaS sector is one of the parts of the global economy with the quickest growth. In 2022, the industry is predicted to produce $141 billion in revenue, overtaking all other cloud services markets.

But expansion also brings competition. For businesses to succeed, they must overcome numerous marketing obstacles.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition, engage your prospects, and close your first deal with the intended customer?

How do you persuade and motivate decision-makers farther up the chain of command to grow the account?

Finally, how can the cost of customer acquisition (CoCA) be reduced while the customer lifetime value (CLV) is increased?

SaaS explainer videos use narrative to help you land, overgrow within your accounts, and lower your cost per new customer.

So how do explainer videos for SaaS products help you tell your story? To overcome the marketing difficulties mentioned above, let’s learn about key story concepts of a good video and points to take into account along the consumer journey.

How can SaaS Explainer Videos aid you in land clienteles?

The SaaS market is very competitive, reasonably complex, and quite diverse. Early on, when trying to enter an account, you often use a bottom-to-top strategy.

Therefore, you want to connect with those currently experiencing the operational problems your product will address. Every person is motivated by a different set of life objectives, desires, and purposes.

Your saas video should first tell a story that appeals to them. You must engage them after you have their attention. For that, your narrative must discuss the issues you plan to resolve. Finally, the protagonist or user in your story should undergo a positive change.

As you might have anticipated, individual users are the ones who would genuinely value such content. These people are concerned with your product’s functions and effectiveness (and consequently theirs). It would be best if you addressed them specifically in your product story. It should discuss their problems and how your program aids in resolving them.

The next step after enrolling individual users is to motivate decision-makers and win over the entire organization.

How can SaaS Explainer Video Animation Service help you expand your brand?

You use a subscription business model for your services as a SaaS provider. After about a year, most of your clients will start to generate income. Securing a sale is not the end for you. Existing customers must be delighted for them to continue using your services and recommending them to others.

To expand within the target account at this level, you must get in touch with decision-makers and secure their support.

People at the top typically have higher demands and aspirations and are less interested in transactional items. They don’t care as much about features and efficiency as those lower down. Their objectives center on boosting the company’s growth, enhancing the brand’s position in the market, etc.

Your stories should now discuss their objectives and reason for existing. Therefore, you must connect their needs and your SaaS offering. After you have them interested in your tale, your explainer film should show them that you understand their difficulties in attaining their objectives. Lastly, please explain how your product can improve and change their life.

How to use SaaS Explainer Videos to diminish your CoCA and increase CLV?

As a marketer, you launch nurturing programs to turn your free trials into paying clients and grow them to generate the most value. When I say “expand,” I either mean to upgrade the same user to better packages, add more users to the same account, or increase the paying customer’s lifetime value.

But how can you continue to engage them and build a strong brand memory in the face of so much competition and our customers’ diminishing attention spans?

Depending on the use case and objectives, many video types can be utilized in SaaS marketing to tell stories. Additionally, you can choose your accounts carefully to focus on nurturing your current clients, which will give you more returns in the long run.

Following our detailed discussion of SaaS explainer videos, let’s take a closer look at some different sorts of videos for your SaaS products:-

SaaS Demo Videos

When you think of a product demo, you probably envision running your program through a video chat with the audience. Smaller teams could find it challenging to provide each consumer with an in-person demo, whereas large groups don’t have that problem.

SaaS demo videos come very handily here. They describe how consumers can use different program functionalities. These films simplify even the most challenging jobs, making them all simple to comprehend.

These movies assist users in getting the most out of your software. They may also provide consumers a preview of the advantages of your software’s commercial edition, encouraging them to purchase.

SaaS Testimonial Videos

Next, we’ll look at a specific SaaS video that can aid social proof-based trust-building. We’re discussing testimonial videos, which resemble explainer videos that tell the tale of a hero’s journey.

It increases trust when you discuss your clients’ interactions with your product. Word-of-mouth is taken seriously by people. They also have confidence in your program when they realize someone similar to them has successfully used it.

SaaS Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are the best option when creating buzz about your product before or after its introduction. These are also known as 30-second explainer videos or commercials and adhere to the structure of the brief narrative. This structure is just right to capture the audience’s attention, build brand recognition, and direct traffic to your landing pages.

Using these movies to reach out to top decision-makers is also beneficial. Such videos could catch their attention because they are constantly pressed for time.


You may create a SaaS company that burns up the competition rather than going out of business by using SaaS video marketing. Our animated SaaS explainer film firm can equip you to communicate compelling stories to audiences and help them understand your message.

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