Five Styles of Wedding Chairs

 Five Styles of Wedding Chairs

The Tolix chair was invented by French industrialist Xavier Pauchard in the mid-1900s and is now a popular choice for weddings. The sleek design is perfect for those on a budget. If you don’t want to spend much money on chairs, you can always opt for couches and benches. A few important considerations should be made before purchasing these items. However, benches and couches may not be ideal seating options for guests with back problems or the elderly.

Cane back chairs are antique-inspired

You’ve probably heard of antique-inspired cane back wedding chairs. You may be tempted to get them for your big day, but they’re not as elegant as they appear in antique-inspired paintings. The good news is that you can find modern-style versions of these classic chairs for a fraction of the price. In fact, you can find antique-style cane-back wedding chairs for much less than the originals.

Slotted chairs are a classic style

When planning a wedding, slotted chairs are a timeless choice. They can be made from wood or faux bamboo, and have a variety of decorative sashes and slipcovers. A wholesale chairs for events can be made as plain as wood or dressed up with aisle markers and flowers to complement the theme. In addition to being a classic style, slotted chairs are lightweight, making them easy to move from one place to another.

X-Back chair is a classic style

This decorative style of wedding chair gets its name from the curved wood back. The Danish design dates back to 1949, but it is still popular today. The style is available in various finishes, including whitewashed or dark wood. This chair is available in different shapes and sizes. If you have a vintage or rustic wedding, you can select this classic style. This chair looks equally elegant with a classic or contemporary design.

Cane back chairs were popular during the height of the French colonial period

Cane back chairs were highly desirable during the French colonial era. The designers and makers of these furniture eschewed the scale of earlier seating furniture, creating a series of sculptural chairs that relate to the human body in a way that is very different from the way chairs of the past related to the sitter. They also did not feature carved ornament or brass tacks, which are typical of earlier pieces.

Cane back chairs are made of wood

Ghost chairs are an alternative to traditional wooden chairs. Usually made of acrylic, these chairs can have either a rounded or a square back. These chairs are ideal for a rustic or modern wedding, as they do not clash with the colors of the other elements in the room. These chairs can be rented or borrowed from a friend who has recently tied the knot. You can even purchase plush cushions for them and dress them up to match the rest of your wedding decor.

Cane back chairs are made of metal

Despite the term “cane back” being misleading, cane back wholesale tables and chairs  are actually made of metal. They have a backbone splayed down the middle and are generally inexpensive. They are often associated with Louis XVI and are available for sale at 1stDibs. You can also find a variety of cane back metal chairs that are made from other materials. Listed below are the characteristics of these chairs and some of the options available.

Peacock chair is a staple for boho weddings

A staple of boho weddings is the Peacock chair, which has become synonymous with bohemian decor. The chair itself is made of woven wicker or rattan and is lightweight and sturdy. Most peacock chairs have natural wood tones, although they are also available in pastel colors. The round back of a peacock chair makes it easy to sit in, but they don’t come cheap. Peacock chairs usually cost $399 or more.

Ghost chair is a classic style

Known as a ghost chair, the Starck Ghost Chair is a popular choice for special events. Its floating, ghost-like design gives it the appearance of being suspended in the air. The concept was inspired by a plastic chair that Starck had designed that had no legs. The Ghost Chair was designed by Starck in 2006 and prototyped by hand. It was introduced at the Paris Contemporary Art exhibition and went into production that same year.

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