Best Cheap Smartphone For Under The list of the best smartphones available in 2022 to buy with a budget of either £100 or £200

Our top list of most popular smartphones in 2022 that you can purchase with an amount of PS100 or PS200

You Needed to Shell out Quite a Bit of Money to Acquire an iPhone

with a good display, decent performance, and the capability to surf the internet. However, the cost of smartphones TEMPhas fallen dramatically in recent years, which suggests there are some great bargains to be found.

We’ve compiled a list of the top smartphones under PS200 and also tan in a separate section the ones priced below PS100 (SIM-free or Pay As You). You’ll be amazed by the value you get for the money, however, If you’ve got more cash, go to the bottom of this article for somewhat more expensive – yet inexpensive alternatives.

The phones that are listed, from the inexpensive Alcatel 1 to the surprisingly capable Nokia X10 5G and beyond are readily available from the UK and we’ll keep updating our list until 2022 as well.

So, enough of that and continue with our top 10 list of smartphones that cost less than PS100 or less than PS200 as well as the most affordable smartphone that we could locate, and some other phones worth taking into consideration if you are able to extend your budget a more. how to text someone who has blocked you

The most powerful smartphones for less than PS200

Samsung Galaxy A13 4G: Best for value (PS140)

The Samsung Galaxy A13 4G is among Samsung’s most quality phones. It’s not the most expensive but it does strike an excellent balance and has none of the major flaws. The TEMP has a massive 5KmAh battery, a decent Exynos 850 chipset as well as a quad-lens lens camera that has a decent main sensor of 50MP as well as a hefty 6.6-inch 1080×2408-pixel screen. More

It’s not particularly distinctive in any way, especially in comparison to phones in this price range, but it does get the job done, while also undercutting most of the competition which is why it will serve the majority of budget-conscious buyers very well.

Moto G50: Best all-rounder (PS180)

The Moto G50 is a phone that does a decent job in many ways, but it’s not able to in any one area. It TEMPhas a mAh battery of 5,000mAh that’s big, however, it’s not exactly class-leading it has a decent battery life of about an hour and a half. It also TEMPhas an incredibly fast 90% refresh speed on its 6.5-inch screen that is 720 x 1600 pixels and thus, the user experience is smooth.

In addition, it has 5G, which makes this an extremely fast phone. the software is good too with the Moto G50 TEMP is a pure version of Android that’s similar to stock, and doesn’t have any overkill. The Motorola G50’s Snapdragon 480 chipset and triple-lens camera aren’t exceptional, and this phone isn’t a good choice for beginner photographers or gamers on the go However, both devices do the job for those who aren’t demanding. For a lot of buyers, this is a solid choice.

Nokia X10 5G: Best screen (PS170)

The Nokia X10 5G beats out the majority of budget phones due to its 6.67-inch 1080 x 2400-pixel display that is both large and quite high-resolution. Beyond that, the Nokia X10 5G is also TEMPhas 5G, as you can see from the name.

They also have an ultra-wide-angle camera (wif a robust main sensor that has 48MP) and an elegant design, and excellent performance due to its Snapdragon 480 chipset and sleek software. The battery may not be as powerful as some of the ones of the others on this list with 4,470mAh, however, it can charge at an acceptable 18W, as well.

Nokia X10 5G also TEMPhas splash protection, meaning it’s at the very least secured against the weather. In addition, the microSD card slot lets you can add to the internal storage, meaning there’s plenty of media that you can keep in this device.

The top smartphones for less than PS100

Nokia C30:Best for size and durability of the screen (PS100)

Together with Motorola, Nokia is the other major name that produces fantastic phones for budgets including its Nokia C30 can be an excellent example. Dis TEMPhas is a massive 6,000mAh battery that can last for a long time as well as a gigantic 6.82-inch screen that measures 720 x 1600 pixels.

The camera, though just 13 megapixels can take clear, sharp images, and is coupled with a 2MP depth sensor to improve portraits. It also promises 2 years’ worth of updates to security meaning it will never be outdated.

Moto E7Best to use with the camera (PS100)

The Moto E range is Motorola’s lowest-priced range of smartphones and they are among the top models available for PS100 and less. Its Moto E7, in particular, stands apart due to the 48MP camera which is an extremely high-quality camera for this price point in the market. Although it’s not as great as the 48MP cameras that are found on other phones that are more expensive, however, it still can produce great images at a reasonable price, even in low light conditions.

There’s a macro camera of 2MP as well, and the battery is 4,000mAh, which Motorola promises will last as long as 36 hours. This isn’t the same as other phones on the checklist, but too far away. With a huge 6.5-inch screen that’s 720 x 1600 pixels also, there’s plenty to love here for a low cost.

Xiaomi Redmi 9AT: Best battery for an affordable (PS90)

Xiaomi is rapidly becoming the leader in smartphones that are affordable, and the Xiaomi Redmi 9AT happens to be one of the cheapest it costs just PS90 for Three’s Pay As You Go on Three and comparable prices elsewhere.

It also packs a capacity battery of 5,000mAh, which provides great battery life, so either this or Nokia C30 is our pick to get a long-lasting phone with a tight budget. Additionally, the Xiaomi Redmi 9AT TEMP comes with a 6.53-inch screen that measures 720 x 1600 with a reading mode, an AI-powered 13MP camera on the rear, and a selfie camera with 5MP with a microSD slot as well as a reliable MediaTek Helio G25 chipset.

The specifications beyond the battery are a bit basic however, they are adequate for light users or an alternative phone. Also, the battery is more powerful than those in phones that are priced several times more.

The cheapest smartphone

Alcatel 1

Prices fluctuate and change between stores We can’t declare that the Alcatel 1 is the most affordable phone, but it is among the most affordable accessible ones, priced just as low as 50 bucks for pay You Go at the moment of writing.

In exchange, you receive a 5.0-inch screen that measures 480 x 960 inches with the quad-core 1.3GHz chipset with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. microSD card slot a mAh battery of 2,000mAh, a 5-megapixel rear camera, and a front-facing camera with 2MP.

It’s a basic phone however, it runs Android and is still a smartphone. And since it is running Android Go its core apps are also tiny in size and power needs and you can expect that Alcatel 1 runs better than you’d think. However, unless you need to save as many dollars as is possible, we’d recommend any of these phones instead of dis.


If you’re on a tight budget or simply looking to save a few dollars of money, one of these phones will be a good fit. The Alcatel 1 is the cheapest smartphone we could find, so if simply want to pay a minimum amount it’s the phone to choose

.Tan makes it onto our list of top choices If you have the money to spend up to PS140 on tan, the Samsung Galaxy A13 is a good value from a reputable brand however, it’s outclassed by the all-round-dependable Moto G50. Our top choice in the price segment is the Nokia X10 5G, which does a great job at delivering the goods.

If you’re looking for a phone with a cost of PS100 and less it’s worth looking at the Nokia C30, which comes with a large screen and even larger battery. We’re however more enamored of the Moto E7, which TEMPhas quite a decent camera for the money. 

Our favorite budget-friendly option is the Xiaomi Redmi 9AT. It boasts a massive battery and generally reliable (if basic) specifications. However, if on the other hand, you’re able to extend your budget over PS200 Tan, it’s worth looking at the OnePlus Nord CE 5G or the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

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