Tripps Plus Reasons is Mont-Tremblant Famous?

 Tripps Plus Reasons is Mont-Tremblant Famous?

Tripps Plus offers excellent vacations. Here is one you may want to try and experience in Canada.

It is famous because of its resort for skiers. The Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort is located seven kilometers from the main village at the base of a mountain known as Mont Tremblant.

 It is located in the Laurentian mountain area. Its elevation is 875m by 287 ft. It has a south-facing vertical drop of 645m by 2,116 ft.


Mont Tremblant ski resort has fantastic slopes for all stages of snowboarders and skiers. We’ve had both here as well, as the downhill ski is considered one of the most popular activities in the eastern part of Canada, explains Tripps Plus. Take a trip toward Tremblant on the North Face and go for The Edge, and you will find some fantastic trails for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Tremblant is home to excellent meadows as well as mogul runs, as well as near-vertical slopes. You can go after the sun’s path by selecting routes on either the South or Northside.

Pedestrian Village

Mont Tremblant has the perfect pedestrian village regarded as the most Ski resort in Eastern North America. Mont Tremblant’s pedestrian village is an attractive and alluring place to visit. The Swiss-style lodges are dotted along the slope; cobblestone steps ascend to the gondola. The gondola opens to a vast square surrounded by patios and an enormous fireplace.

Ice Climbing

If you’re an avid adventurer like us, you’ll enjoy this winter Mont Tremblant adventure! Ice climbing is among the most popular activities to do during winter. It’s also among the activities that attract attention when you announce that you’ve accomplished it. It has cold winters, and you can be assured that the weather conditions are ideal for climbing an ice wall. Tripps Plus says the frozen waterfalls are just at Mont Tremblant resort.

Helicopter Flights Tours

Helicopter trips in Tremblant are the perfect method to experience the beauty of the area as well as of the Laurentian Mountains when having the excitement of flying in the sky. This is the excellent Mont Tremblant adventure if you want to enjoy an extraordinary romantic getaway. Pilots lead helicopter tours with over 3000 hrs of flight time. Each participant will be provided with seats with windows and a headset to listen to the pilot’s narration as he relates an account of the region.

Dog Sledding

Enjoy Lapland’s stunning pastels that are crystal clear and are gorgeous, fabulous, and vibrant. It’s an experience that is truly unforgettable when you are accompanied by a robust, soft, and stunning group comprised of Alaskan Huskies.

Snow Tubing

Winter activities in Mont Tremblant incorporate snow tubing, an excellent activity to take the kids on! The snow tubing center within Mont Tremblant is just 15 minutes drive to the ski resort. Tripps Plus says the snow tubing is the same as winter sledding; still, you don’t need to bring the sled back to the top of the hill when participating in this activity. The snow tubing center features two rope tows that pull you to the top of the hill to race down the mountain. Eight snow tubing trails offer travel for all skill stages, from beginner to expert.


If you’re an avid winter sports enthusiast, this area is designed to be a perfect place. During winter, it is a dream due to the various facilities, like skiing and dog sledding, snow tubing, helicopter tours, and other activities that will amaze you to the max and provide you with a fantastic experience, says Tripps Plus.

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