GHANO partners COSRA on, “managing in-laws”​ seminar.

Figure 1: Judith Ackom Speaking at the Event.

GHANA News ONLINE (GHANO) in partnership with the Catholic Organisation for Social & Religious Advancement (COSRA) organised a marriage seminar on the topic, “Effectively managing your in-laws.” earlier this year.

The program that took place on a Sunday at the COSRA House in Tema, Ghana aimed at bringing to light the challenges couples faced in their marriages as far as handling their in-laws were concerned as well as proffering solutions to help them overcome these hurdles.

The key note speaker for the event was in the person of, Mrs. Judith Ackom, a marriage counsellor and teacher. According to Mrs. Ackom, in-laws can be a handful at times, therefore it was necessary to manage them with tact and with wisdom.

“In-laws can be a lot of trouble many at times though some are peaceful and cooperative. Nonetheless, it is always necessary to be meticulous and tactful when dealing with them.”

She added that, in all our dealings with our in-laws, one should be patient and tolerant. In cases where things go the extreme, one with the support of their partners, should engage the parties involved and discuss the issue at hand amicably.

“Do not say they are bringing trouble so you will also meet them with fire, no! you don’t have to do that. Find a way to talk and settle things peacefully with the parties concerned. You can also involve your partner to help resolve whatever issues there may be.”

Participants at the program were subsequently put into groups to discuss and generate solutions to various model situations presented to them, after which they came up the podium to made presentations.

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