How to Protect Your Phone from Damages

 How to Protect Your Phone from Damages

The thought of damaging your new or high-end smartphone can be quite stressful. With this in mind—you might have turned to typical solutions that a smartphone owner would do. But the problem with these regular solutions is that they would often compromise the aesthetics of the smart gadgets. Can you relate?

For this article, I will provide you with a list of tips on how you can protect your phone and preserve the style and overall beauty of your phone’s design. So without any further delays, let’s begin today’s discussion…

Clear Phone Cover

The trend in most smartphones today is characterized by their solid and semi-bright colors such as rose gold, beige, or teal instead of the traditional minimalistic color of either black, white, or gray. With these vibrant accents, I’m sure smartphone users would rather show off their devices to the public, right?

With this being said—the most basic way you can protect your phone without covering the design is through the use of clear phone cases. However, the problem with clear covers is that they often turn yellow over time. Thus, it would require you to change the case cover from time to time.

Screen Protector

A screen protector is ideal if your phone’s screen is not embedded with a Corning Gorilla Glass or any similar technology that’s scratch resistant. However, this material may not be as reliable when it comes to high-level impacts. Thus, installing a screen may still be advisable to protect your valuables.

The good thing about screen protectors is that you will hardly notice them as soon as you have installed them on your phone. It gives you the peace of mind that you won’t be damaging them every time they are in your pocket or bag, for that matter. 

Maintain a Tight Grip

If you are not exactly a fan of covers and screen protectors, then you may leave your phone as it is and just be careful every time you are using them. So how do we go about this? The simple answer is just you have to maintain a tight grip on your phone to ensure that it won’t fall or avoid bumping onto walls.

Avoid Rough Surfaces

Again, if you’re going to use your phone without any casing or screen protectors, then you also have to be aware of the surfaces where you’re going to put them. There should be no problem if the surface is soft or smooth but refrain from putting your smartphone on a brittle or rough surface because it may cause scratches or dents. 

Regular Maintenance

You may not be aware of this, but accumulated grimes or dirt on your phone could also damage your devices, such as scratches or discoloration. Regular cleaning and maintenance like the replacement of accessories help the phone to endure the normal course of wear and tear.

Consider a Smartphone Pouch

Another way you can protect your phone from damage without compromising your gadget’s overall aesthetics is to use a smartphone pouch. It may be a little inconvenient considering the additional thickness it can provide or the space it could accommodate, especially if your phone is in your pocket or inside your bag.

Nevertheless, they’re also a good idea for small carry-ons like changes or cards.


The ever-expanding aesthetics of smartphones are limitless. Although it does indeed serve a great purpose of extending the usefulness of your phone, it may be unreasonable for many people to cover them up. 

And as you have seen in today’s discussion, there are many ways how you can protect your phone from damage without compromising the overall aesthetics of the device.

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