How to Decorate Small Spaces

 How to Decorate Small Spaces

Some of us may not have the financial capability to afford the apartment we like that have the sufficient spaces we need. But you shouldn’t really concern yourself about it because a limited space doesn’t mean that it incapacitates you in having the style and interior design you desire as well.

In today’s article, I will provide you with a list of tips and tricks on how you can decorate your small space and make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Don’t Clutter

No matter how large your living space is, the area would seem small and basically an eyesore if the room is very messy and unorganized and if you have stored too much stuff. 

Thus, how much more if your living area is small? Does it make sense? With this being said—the best solution to the matter is just to de-clutter and throw away the things you don’t need as much as possible.

Optimize Sunlight and Lighting System

Opening every window during daylight and essentially optimizing natural lights to enter your apartment makes your area more spacious than it appears to be. 

If you don’t have enough windows in your room or apartment to attract more sunlight, you can add lighting systems in your area that don’t take much space, like a pendant light, wall-mounted bulbs, string lights, etc.

Take Advantage of Corners

Utilizing your apartments’ or homes’ corners is probably the most subtle yet effective way to optimize your limited living space. It adds functionality and makes the space roomier. 

However, you still have to be careful whenever you are considering adding ornaments in the corner of your apartment because they might still clutter if they are not organized properly.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are another way to effectively improve the spacing in your area. In addition to aesthetics, it attracts fresh air and enhances the airflow in your room.

However, you still have to consider the sizes of the plants and flowers, and you have to ensure that they are not taking up too much space. If you fail to bear in mind their symmetry, it would make the room unappealing and generally uncomfortable due to the spaces being taken up by the plants.

Utilize Colors

Aside from improving the interior design, your choice of wall colors plays a huge role in enhancing your apartment space and complementing your furniture and other home ornaments.

You might not be aware of this, but bold or bright colors are neutral that are striking well enough because of the accents’ balance of saturation and hue. With this in mind, the color combination doesn’t overwhelm the environment and is perfect for any form of space. 

Consider Mini Version of Appliances

Generally speaking, large appliances are impractical for a small apartment—it takes too much space and is unpleasing. In regards to this matter, you want to opt for small appliances, especially if you are just living by yourself. Some examples are a mini freezer, a medium-sized flat-screen television, small furniture, etc. Or instead of buying a desktop, you can get a laptop instead.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

You can also use your walls or ceiling (if possible) to save space aside from your home’s floor plan. For example, instead of using floor lamps, desk lamps, or cabinets, you can essentially utilize more space just by installing wall-mounted lamps, ceiling lamps, or hanging shelves.

Large Rugs

Another trick many may have no knowledge about is the ability of the simple rug to add style and elegance to your home. For instance, a large rug may be impractical for a small living room but is more advisable because a small rug actually makes the room a lot smaller.

A large rug basically adds grandeur and compliments your ornaments.


You really don’t have to compromise the interior design of your home if you are limited by your budget or just prefer to live in a small apartment or home.

The tips and tricks I have relayed in this article won’t just allow you to save space. It will also give you a living space that’s stylish and give you that sense of happiness and appreciation when you look at your home’s interiors.

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