6 Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without Going to the Salon

 6 Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without Going to the Salon

Frizzy hair is a normal condition that happens from time to time. To some, it may indicate that they may need to visit the salon and get their hair fixed. However, how about ladies who don’t have the money to pay for the hairstylist’s services?

As we all know, hair rebonds can be quite expensive and impractical, to say the least. The good news, however, is that there are home remedies for frizzy hairs. I will talk about these simple tips in this article and help you straighten your hair and help you save money in the process. So without further delays, let’s begin…

Flat Iron

The basic remedy that you can employ is the use of flat iron. If your frizzy hair isn’t that severe, then ironing them for a sufficient amount of time can straighten them up in a few minutes. 

However, you still have to be careful when you’re using them because you might burn your hair instead of fixing it if you are unable to manage the heat properly.

Hot Comb

An alternative to flat iron is a hot comb if you are hesitant to apply hot compression from the device. The advantage of a hot comb is that it only produces enough heat to straighten out the frizzles. But it may not work on hairs with more severe conditions. In this case, flat iron or even hair rebond may be more appropriate.

Keratin Conditioner

A popular trend nowadays is the use of a keratin conditioner to flatten your hair and make them shinier as well. This type of hair conditioner is typically inexpensive, and you can buy it at your local groceries or department stores.

Another beneficial effect of keratin is that it promotes hair growth and allows them to be thicker and easier to manage. Although they’re infused with chemicals that we typically see in salon products, it is safe to incorporate them for daily use, but you need to use small amounts only so as not to damage your hair.

Absorbent Towels

You may also want to consider specialized towels with ultra-absorbent features right after every bath. A regular towel may not effectively dry your hair, and that it would frizz your follicles. Thus, it would curl your hair and produce split ends. 

An absorbent towel quickly dries your hair without affecting moistures that would promote it to free flow and look shinier. If this type of towel is not readily available at your disposal, then you can clothe it with smooth fabric that is made of cotton.

Hair Mask

Aside from your regular shampoo and keratin conditioner, you can complement the process by adding a hair mask to your daily hair care regimen. Like a face mask, a hair mask is typically applied after you have taken your bath.

This product works similarly with a hair conditions. The only difference is that the effects are much more intense, which provides a huge boost in improving your hair strength. 

Skip Hair Wash

You may also want to skip a hair wash once every two or three days to maintain your hair’s moisture. You have to take note that hydration plays a huge role in straightening your hair. It allows your scalp to produce natural oils that make your hair thicker, glossier, and essentially healthier.


Achieving straight and glossy hair doesn’t have to be expensive. You can basically dispose of a number of home remedies without having to break the bank. Just follow the simple techniques and tips I have relayed in the article I have prepared for today, and you will definitely gain healthier hair that you can show off in public.

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