Detectives Madrid leaders in private investigation. Arga Group

 Detectives Madrid leaders in private investigation. Arga Group


Grupo Arga is an experienced detective agency in Madrid , authorized to practice by the General Directorate of the Police and the Ministry of the Interior.

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in various fields: private, commercial, legal, etc. All trained to advise and provide solutions to the needs of customers , we have the best technological equipment.

But detectives Arga is more than a private investigation agency with proven experience. Behind our doors you will find a human team that will listen to your problem and will make it our own, to solve it in the best possible way.

Grupo Arga private Detectives in Madrid, provides advanced professional security services

Innovating over 25 years in the public and private sector in terms of security, Grupo Arga offers a wide range of services that should help those who need it, address a specific difficulty case by case and classified according to the magnitude of its effect.

The line of business is perhaps the most popular for some private investigation firms .

Grupo Arga importance of an expert private detective in Madrid

When hiring private investigators for companies, the ideal is to choose competent companies, with an official license respectively issued by the General Directorate of Police and their duly trained workers.

• Get references from previous clients and pay attention to how they feel when working with them.

• Value the experience of the organization and its adaptability to the times.

How to choose a private detective in Madrid?

The business environment is becoming increasingly difficult, leading many organizations to turn to private agency companies to ensure their sustainability.

A particular organization may handle different types of investigations, which can be divided into two main areas :

• Internal investigation. The basic purpose of this type of case is to confirm or refute negligence on the part of the organization’s representatives, such as theft, misrepresentation, dependencies, doubtful leaves or breach of contract, among others.

• Foreign research. For this situation, a focus on prosecuting people outside the organization could be dangerous for the organization. Unfair competition, obligations to the organization, copyright, other use of the organization’s license or trademark , gross theft, negligent duty, etc.

The burden of these problems can be detrimental to the organization in the short or long term, so level them out, if possible with the help of experts. Often, what seems easy to solve turns into a lot of background that requires unconventional methods and clear information.

What do you expect from a private detective service?

Prudence, efficiency, creativity and technology are just some of the attributes that a private investigation firm must possess . At Detective Grupo Arga we have all these attributes and more. The Madrid detectives demonstrate their professionalism and dedication every day .

He has more than 15 years of experience and continues to carry out all kinds of research in all fields. For us, each case is really special because we start from the principle of your needs. We consider fundamental what happens to you, what motivated your request for our services.

We believe that every client should receive the appropriate treatment for their problem and we strive to solve it by all means. Our company is characterized by running races with the highest efficiency in a fiercely competitive market. We try to stand out because we take your request very seriously.

One of our hallmarks is that we dedicate all our time to what you ask of us. Take a look at some of these services that all our clients recommend us.

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