Top 3 Cheapest Ways to Send Money Online

 Top 3 Cheapest Ways to Send Money Online

We’re all using either PayPal, Payoneer, Wise and a few other options to send money internationally. Also because of the current situation of Ukraine people are using online payment methods to donate money to Ukraine and to do this they are using tons of methods and spending a lot more than they should in fees.

If you are wondering how to send money to Ukraine, here’s a list of the cheapest ways to send money from USA to Ukraine. The list also is for people looking to not just donate money but also send money to their loved ones, clients, employees, etc. in the country of Ukraine.

Here’s a list of the top 3 cheapest ways to send money online


Wise:- They call their service cheap and fast, and boy they are true to their word. Just because they are not as popular as PayPal doesn’t mean they might not be as good. They might end up being better than most online money transfer services for you, so we suggest you must try to know. Not to point out anything against the service but when you transfer PayPal money you are charged a substantial amount of fee that usually make you go ‘oh my god, my heart!’ when you see the fee, but with Wise you can relax and transfer the funds at a lower amount of fee.

With Wise you can send money from USA to Ukraine, India, Singapore, and to more than 40 countries just like you do using PayPal. They also make sure you get the real exchange rate and there are no hidden fees.

Sign up on the app using you PAN card and proof of address and use the app for online money transfer anytime, anywhere. Register in a matter of minutes and verify your identity then all you have to do is set up a transfer and process it. Click here to register on Wise.

TransferGo:- Known to be a really fast way to transfer money online, this online money transfer platform helps you send money from anywhere to anywhere in the world. You can send money from USA to Ukraine in a matter of minutes if you want to donate money to Ukraine, maybe to an NGO or something else.

Whether you want to send money to Ukraine right now or any other country for any reason, you can use TransferGo as it is a cheap method to transfer money online.

Xoom:- If you have not tried it you have to try it. Xoom money transfer is doing so very well these days. Xoom is service from PayPal, yet they are so much better and different in certain ways. They are way cheaper than PayPal. They offer a 3 easy step money transfer method. You can send money to any bank account in a matter of minutes using Xoom money transfer, and you can send cash for pick up as well FYI.

The best part about Xoom is you get to know the exact upfront fee that your recipient will receive. You can see this on PayPal as well. If you’ve been using PayPal or any other method to transfer money to Ukraine from USA or of any other reason to any other country, you have to check the fee on this Xoom Fee Calculator to see if you are paying too much or if your fee is justified.

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