Cash’s Tire Recycling

 Cash’s Tire Recycling

With over 10 years of experience in the truck tire industry, is an ideal partner for your business. With over 90% of truck tires recycled, this company focuses on building long-term relationships with customers. The company re-caps and repairs tires so that they are able to be reused. It prides itself on repairing and recycling truck tires. To make their process even more efficient, they offer the following services:

Tyre carbon black is a second product produced during the process. This material is 30%-35%, depending on the quality of the tire. It can be used as a chemical strengthener in the rubber industry, as a coloring agent for pigments, and in cement bricks. Another product, steel wire, is produced from the remainder of the recycled tires. It is sold to an iron and steel company for further processing. Additionally, syngas is produced during the recycling process. This is a form of energy that can be utilized in a pyrolysis machine that is used for the manufacturing of fuel oil.

The process of reclaiming old tires for recycling provides several benefits. The materials produced include fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, and syngas. These products are used in the industrial sector and are an excellent coal and diesel substitute. The recycled fuel oil is sold to glass, metal, and cement factories for further use. The syngas is also used as an auxiliary heating source in a pyrolysis machine for making new rubber and plastic.

Aside from re-treading the old tires, the process can also recycle the tyres. It is an environmentally friendly and profitable project. Whether you want to sell them to re-tread them or sell them for disposal, the process will make them valuable. All you have to do is find a company that can take your old tires and turn them into new ones. You can be sure that your business will prosper.

After the re-treading process, the tires are sold to a variety of industries. In addition to fuel oil, the process produces steel wire, carbon black, and syngas. These products are sold to steel and glass factories. They are a great source of energy for the environment. They are a valuable resource for local communities and the environment. The profits made by these companies can be substantial. They can also provide jobs to people in need.

There are several products made from the tyre recycling process. The first is tyre carbon black. The amount of this is about 30% to 35% depending on the tyre quality. This product is used in the rubber and pigment industries. The second is steel wire. This material can be sold to an iron and steel company. The third is syngas. This is the auxiliary heating energy for a pyrolysis machine.

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