Learning English: Eight E’s You Should Always Remember

 Learning English: Eight E’s You Should Always Remember

1. ENJOY – I always find it amazing when people complain about learning english. They say that they are bored and want to quit, but why? It’s the most important skill that you can have, especially if you plan on living in a country where English is the mother tongue. Just think about how many doors can be opened for you by learning this language! The best way to learn anything is to enjoy yourself. If you don’t enjoy something then chances are other people won’t either! Make sure to have fun while studying, and don’t let your language classes get boring!

2. EXERCISE – I know we all love sitting on our cute little bums all day long, but it’s not good for us! That’s why we need exercise every single day. The challenges in languages are no different. You should exercise your brain every single day or else your memory will get weak, and you’ll forget all the things that you’ve learned! Make sure you always do some form of exercise every single day.

3. ENVY – Do not envy other people’s English grades because it will only make you jealous and upset about yourself. I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid being jealous because it never does anything good for me! Instead, try to feel happy for other people when they do well in their classes and schoolwork. Also, make sure to take advantage of everything that is in front of you! Some people might have more experience than others so use these opportunities as an advantage instead of a disadvantage!

4. EXPLORE – I think this one is pretty obvious: if there’s something new outside then why wouldn’t we want to explore? Just like the rest of life, don’t turn down new opportunities that come across our paths in language courses (unless they’re dangerous!). We should always be looking out for something better or more exciting than what we already have now, so go out and explore the world around us! Explore everything from a new restaurant down the road from your house all the way up to a foreign country on another continent on earth! There are lots of cool things out there waiting for us.

5. ENLIST – There are lots of people who are way better than you at english, and you should definitely enlist their help! After all, they probably started before you did! They can help guide you along the way and make sure that your learning is going well. If a friend of yours really enjoys english then enlist their help for this class (or let them teach it to you). They can give you tips on how to do well in college and also share some knowledge from their own experience.

6. EXPLAIN – You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know how to explain something in a different language than the one they were born with (and by language I mean English). This is especially true when talking about grammar rules because most of the time we learn these things by heart instead of explaining them. There’s nothing wrong with taking notes while studying; however, there’s also no reason why we shouldn’t try to memorize everything as soon as possible! The more we practice explaining our ideas out loud, the easier it will be for us when we have exams or study sessions where speaking is required instead of writing down answers.

7. ENJOIN – What’s the meaning of enjoin? It means to advise or order someone to do something. Think about how often we need to do this in our classes! Often times teachers will assign us homework, and they want us to finish it by a certain time. They might even get upset if we don’t do what they ask right away! If there is something like this assigned as homework then make sure you finish it on time or else you could be in trouble with your teacher! Remember, teachers have big ears and lots of free time, so sometimes they are just waiting for students who don’t follow instructions well before giving them some “advice” (or enjoining).

8. EVALUATE – Before starting any project, assignment, or other type of work that requires a lot of effort from ourselves should always evaluate what we’re doing first and make sure that we’ve completed everything correctly.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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