Add Some Flair to Your Style With Boho Dresses

 Add Some Flair to Your Style With Boho Dresses

Boho dresses are back in vogue and many women are loving the funky designs and eye-catching style of these unique outfits. Since the boho days of the late 1960’s and early 70s, bohemian dresses were a favorite of free spirited women looking for ways to create a statement with fashion. Whether you are shopping for dresses with tasseled trim, colorful prints, bell sleeves, embroidered motifs, or crochet edging, Lulu is the ideal spot to find today’s hottest boho styles from mini to full-length. Choose from designs inspired by Indian textiles, beachwear, punk rock and gothic fashions as well as Hollywood glamour and figure-flattering fashions.

One of the hottest trends in bohemian dresses is the mini-me gown. These chic dresses fit perfectly to a casual get together or just a special date with friends. Available in shoulder to tea length, you can choose from many different styles including bolero jackets, bolero shorts, tube tops, tiered pants, and more. The key to a flattering design is choosing a fabric that drapes beautifully but is comfortable to wear. Look for a soft, drape fabric that can easily slide over your body without binding or puckering. A good material to consider for your mini-me dress is chiffon, because it drapes beautifully but has a breathable quality that makes it comfortable to wear.

Another top trend in bohemian dresses is layered styles. The beauty of layered bohemian dresses is that you can add another layer or two to make a simple outfit into something extra special. Available in several styles and cuts, these dresses are a great way to accessorize with just a few additional pieces of jewelry or to jazz up a plain dress. These dresses look fabulous on women with more defined shoulders, like pear-shaped, and hourglass shaped women. Layers also compliment the shape of most women’s bodies, so if you don’t have ample cleavage, you will still look terrific in one of these beautiful and versatile layers. Here are some of the more popular layered styles:

If you are planning an event that requires a more formal attire, a full-length knee length gown will be a perfect choice. Ideal for proms and other types of special occasions, a beautiful boho dress will make you feel both glamorous and comfortable at the same time. Available in a number of cuts and fabrics, this style is very flattering on just about everyone. Plus, there are several different lengths available, including knee length, tea length, floor length, and longer. Choose a length that will flatter your best features, such as an elongated neck or romanticized slits on your shoulders.

One of the most popular silhouettes of boho dresses is that of a halter dress. The key to many of these dresses is a combination of color and fabric that create a soft and gentle silhouette on the wearer. Often made from a mixture of different fabrics, these dresses are a favorite among many women due to their unique style, which is often feminine and romantic. Available in many different cuts, from A-lines to sweetheart shapes, these dresses are also ideal for any body type, and work for all ages. This is another way that these dresses can be used to add a touch of femininity to any woman’s wardrobe.

One of the reasons why boho clothing has become so popular over the last couple of years is because of the unique designs. Unlike the bulky, heavy-weight styles of old, today’s designers have come up with some amazing new silhouettes and cuts to fit more modern women. Because of this, the popularity of this kind of clothing has grown over the past few years. Even though the cost has increased due to higher materials and manufacturing costs, you can still find many affordable designer styles online. Plus size women are flocking to these new lines of bohemian clothing, and finding a great online retailer is key to getting the clothing that fits you perfectly!

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