Roofer Company Workers Comp Insurance

 Roofer Company Workers Comp Insurance

Are you currently working for a roofer company workers comp insurance? If so, you should know that your company may need to consider getting workers comp insurance for its employees. Even if the roofer company is one of the smallest in industry, there are instances when the roofer may get injured on the job. If the injury is serious enough, you may even end up losing your ability to work as a roofer. It’s important to be protected, and considering the various types of workers comp insurance (SCCI) available can help you make the most cost-effective choices.

Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed for contractors and other persons who perform work on a public works of any sort. Basically, this type of insurance covers injuries that occur while performing the specific duties that are required of a roofer. A great many contractors choose to carry only general liability insurance, but it’s wise to think about expanding your coverage to include workers comp. The SCCI policy that is offered by your insurance company will likely depend on its underwriting guidelines, which generally dictate the kinds of work that will qualify for workers comp, and the amount of coverage that your insurance policy must provide.

When you are trying to determine the best workers comp insurance for your roofing business, you should also keep in mind the hazards that are unique to the roofing industry. For example, there is a risk of falling debris and falling people. You should also consider the fact that most roofs are not free of shingles and other debris. If your roof is installed properly, it shouldn’t pose a significant health risk for your workers. To this end, you should take care to ensure that all of these potential risks are addressed through proper training and SCCI compliance.

If your roofer has an SCCI policy, you may have an easier time getting the coverage you need. In some cases, the SCCI insurance policy can be added as an additional rider to the existing roofers’ insurance policy. This means that you’ll have another layer of protection, and can get the benefits of enhanced benefits without paying for them out of pocket. The insurance company will provide this enhanced benefits, and you pay nothing extra.

Having workers comp insurance can be important for a variety of reasons. For example, your employees could be eligible for benefits under the law if they are injured while at work. Additionally, workers comp insurance will help cover your business liability should an employee sue your company due to injury or illness. Because of these benefits and protections, many commercial and residential owners make the switch to a workers comp policy when they are looking to insure their business.

Many insurance companies offer this type of insurance. However, not all insurance companies offer SCCI because they do not cover workers on construction jobs. When your roofer company works on a building site, it is likely they will be covered by a general workers compensation policy. If your business is mobile, however, you may still need a special policy in order to protect your employees.

You may also be able to find a discounted rate on your SCCI insurance policy if you have more than one company providing the insurance. If you and your roofing contractor use different companies to provide workers compensation insurance for your business, you can save money by getting a separate policy from one company instead of multiple insurance policies from different companies. You can talk with an agent about getting a separate policy if this is the case.

If you own a roofer company, you have probably invested in some technology or equipment. It is a good idea to look into getting some SCCI coverage too. You and your roofer company may be eligible for benefits under the federal programs. If you are unable to get the workers comp benefits through federal resources, contact your state’s department of workers compensation to see what options you may have for insurance protection. The right SCCI insurance policy can help you avoid losses due to injuries to the roofing crew and also give you peace of mind that you will be covered if an injury occurs.

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