Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Boxed Packaged Goods

 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Boxed Packaged Goods

Boxed packaged goods are extremely popular packaging media, consisting of boxes, bags or cases, that manufacturers sell to external third parties for usage in their projects. A large number of boxed packaged goods can be found on the market. The advantages of using these kinds of packs over others include that they are easy to use, cheap in cost and durable, being manufactured from cardboard, wood pulp or strong paperboard. Moreover, a boxpack case or bag is an economic packaging solution because the outer skin does not have to be as thick. This results in less material costs and allows manufacturers to offer better pricing on their boxed packaged goods.

Many kinds of boxed packaged goods can be found on the market. One popular example is gift boxes, which can come in various sizes and different materials. Apart from gift boxes, there are other generic boxed packed goods like tin cans, cartons, plastic containers and other containers used for food. Boxed packing materials for food are also available. Examples of food packaging with boxes boxes used for storing milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products. Other common food packaging with boxes are tin cans used for storing ready made food, coffee packets, beer packs, soda packs, and so on.

boxed packaged goods

Packaging with boxes is most suitable for perishable or fragile items. Packaging with boxes is also a good choice for perishable foodstuffs, such as fruits, vegetables and fish that cannot withstand extreme temperatures or extreme conditions. In addition, packaging with boxes is recommended for perishable and sensitive packaged goods that are extremely sensitive to extreme conditions, such as eggs, milk and other dairy products, and are extremely fragile. For example, these kinds of goods should not be stored with other perishable goods or other sensitive and fragile items.

The most commonly used packaging material in packaging with boxes is cardboard. Cardboard boxes are versatile in the sense that they can be folded or flat packed for convenience. These boxes are strong, lightweight and are available in various sizes. Moreover, you can find different colors and designs of cardboard boxes that suit almost every purpose. These boxes are available from various sources like grocery stores, wholesale stores, confectionary shops, bookstores, and from the Internet.

Cardboard boxes are preferred by most of the people over other packaging materials for packaging perishable and fragile items. However, these boxes have certain disadvantages. For example, because of the thermal mass of the cardboard box it might make the food feel heavy for carrying.

Cardboard boxes might cause blistering or breakage of some perishable goods. Also, these boxes are unable to maintain freshness for long. It is best to choose other packaging materials for packaging perishable and fragile items. However, one should not compromise with the quality of the packaging materials used for fragile items. Packaging materials for fragile items must be of very high quality, or they must use a substitute product for the purpose. These boxes are able to safeguard the goods packed inside them and they can also reduce the chances of leakage and damage of the goods.

Another disadvantage of using boxes for packaging fragile goods is that they are unable to keep the goods intact during transportation. For example, a bubble wrap becomes brittle when exposed to heat and air. This reduces the chances of protection of the goods and thus it becomes necessary to transport such goods in soft bags instead of using boxes. Boxed packaging is also less convenient for shipping purposes.

The good thing about boxes is that they offer good quality packaging material for a reasonable price. Moreover, they do not require a lot of maintenance. You need not spend much time in cleaning and maintaining them. One can also store them easily since they are light in weight and can be stored in small spaces.

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